Vision & Mission



To attain a globally accepted center of excellence in teaching-learning, relevant research output and industrial training thereby providing competent technocrats to society.



  • To provide high quality, innovative and globally competitive learning experience by offering state-of-the art undergraduate programmes.
  • To assemble dynamic faculties who demonstrate excellence and innovation in the pursuit and delivery of the best possible education for young technocrats.
  • To foster sustainable development through collaborative projects which offer opportunity for long-term interaction with academia and industries.
  • To facilitates students to emerge as leaders and innovators of technical fraternity.



  • To provide a resourceful atmosphere and the best promising infrastructure in which higher studies and research flourish both among the students and the faculty.
  • To organize short intensive courses, conferences, workshops and seminars on recent technological developments that will be of benefit to the students, faculties and surrounding communities.
  • To organize quality improvement programs for faculty members from various engineering colleges.
  • To organize co-curricular and extracurricular activities on regular basis for student's development and promote practical knowledge beyond the syllabus.
  • To provide research and technical consultancy, which will promote interaction and service to industries, government and civic organisations.
  • To promote the industry institute interaction through MOUs with industries leading to in-plant training, innovative projects and job opportunities for students.
  • To enhance women empowerment, become a gender champion.
  • To be an ethnic institute without any discrimination.
  • To develop and sustain the linkage with alumni.